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Internet Retailing and Logistics

• Promoting quality products in core markets
• Logistical support for growing sales

Intelligent Marketing

• Proprietory marketing algorithims for effective marketing.
• Sales monitoring with bespoke analytical software

Internet Retailing

Factory Gates markets and promotes quality products to consumers and businesses on the internet.

We are dedicated to making online sales easier and smarter. Our Merlin marketing algorithm has been designed to monitorproduct sales in multiple markets and provide the best outcome for our factory partners. Factory Gates’ quantitative model enables factories to generate superior returns from existing and new product lines.

Merlin has been developed using best of breed modelling techniques. This spans different product types and pricing points as well as multiple geographical locations. Our factory partners benefit by :

  • Generating superior returns using robust marketing techniques designed to sell unsold inventory.
  • Greater clarity and insight regarding the sales potential of new product lines.


Factory Gates focus on your aims and objectives. We try to gain a thorough understanding of your products and target market whether this be the end consumer or the business to business market. This enables us to help you develop the strategy to maximise the sales of your existing product lines or test any new product lines you may have.

To achieve this Factory Gates requires excellent logistical support for product sales –even small orders. We believe our logistics operations will be of great benefit to our factory partners going forward.

Long Term relationships

Factory Gates values long term relationships with its factory partners. We believe that assisting our partners over the long haul brings greater results and greater mutual benefit .By constantly helping our factory partners to shape strategy we are able to extract the maximum value from the relationship and grow profits over time.